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The Young Hair hairdressing team comprises a collection of dynamic and creative individuals, led by Owner and Director, Young Kim who has more than 25 years of experience in hairdressing.

History of Young Kim

2001 - 2011

Director of Seoul Collection Hair S/S ... F/W

2001 - 2011

SFAA Director of Hair Collection S/S ... F/W

2003 - 2004

Director of PRET-A-PORTER Hair, Paris

2003 - 2004

Director of New Artist Designer Contest hair

2003 - 2004

Director of Asia Flower Show Hair

2004 - 2005 

Director of Hong Kong Collection hair

2006 - 2007

Director of Harajuku Convention Hair, Japan

-Style Making, directing of hair styling for Top Korean Celebrities: Ye Seul Han, So Young Ko, Eun Ha Shim, Yeon Su Oh, Yoo Jin, Ae Ra Shin, Tae Young Sou, Joo Mi Park, Dong Gun Jang, Woo Seong Jung, So Jung Byun, Do Yeon Jun, Jae Ryong Lee, Seon Jin Lee, So Ra Lee

-Examiner of L'oreal Colour Trory

-Took part in approximately 20 commercial films: Gucci, Figaro, Kiki, Vogue, Bazzar, Wedding 21, Haute Wedding, Cosmopolitan, Noblesse, The Style and Elle 

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